Selena Gomez is one of those celebrities who she’s loved by everyone. The journey from being a Disney princess to a singing sensation has been witnessed by all.

This talented girl is for sure here to rule the world. All of us remember crushing on her ever since we saw her first. She is a beautiful singer, is gorgeous, is hot and what not. It’s not always possible to be a favorite of the paparazzi but Selena has managed to be one. Every picture of her goes trending.

Now, out these Selena Gomez leaked images, there are some embarrassing pictures which we guess Selena gonez wouldn’t want you to see. And it’s justified, no one would want others to see how bad they look.

#1 Well, Selena Gomez feet should be a little more careful while performing.

#2 That’s one horrible and one of the most embarrassing pictures of Selena. She looks like a lunatic.

#3 Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez, what were these two up to? Nevermind, I still love both of them.