#8 Create Your Own Reply For Missed Calls

if you’re an iPhone user you probably know that you can send text responses with a single tap whenever you happen to miss a call, usually these responses are quite basics such as call you later on my way and a couple of other options not that many people know about this but you can create your own text for any occasion possible.

Just go to settings choose phone then respond with text and voila here you can make your message that will be sent to your contacts even though it’s a little feature it’s still kind of cool, isn’t it?

Use your imagination and create cute informative or funny text to your own liking like how the heck did you get this number!

#7 Android Guess Mode

When you give someone your phone a lot of the times at the back of your mind you start to think that now this person may have access to any of your personal information that you want to keep private, if you’re an Android user you don’t need to worry about this stuff anymore…

All you have to do is turn to a guest mode to switch it on simply tap the user icon in the top right corner of the quick settings panel then tap guest, there you have it for now on your personal data will be safe and sound until you turn this mode off.

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