These might help you out of a tight spot.

They Do! But…

These unethical life hacks are used to help in your day-to-day life, But they will make you absolutely low standers individual.

We Brought’em so you can have an idea on how some people think!

First 10 Best Life Hacks:

1- Flat Tire

Unethical Life Hacks 1

If you have a flat tire, take a picture of it. Next time you want to bail on an event or just skip work, send the picture to the person you’re bailing on and enjoy your free time.

2- Return Opened Item

Unethical Life Hacks 2

Buy any item at an electronics store.
Open it. Return the item.
Check back in a day to see if it’s on the ‘open box’ table
Buy it again
this time for 30% off.

3- Safe Fun

Unethical Life Hacks 3

Make sure a street h00ker is not a cop by asking if you can take some unclothed photos of them.
Paying for nude photos isn’t illegal, an undercover cop will say no but a pr0stitute will probably do it for the cash.

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