The first signs of human interest in self-decorating with cool tattoos appeared about 5,000 ago.

Since that time, tattooing is something that’s been in developing constantly. Ancient artists surely couldn’t imagine how realistic tattoos would be in the 21st century.

Today, we are going to draw your attention to cool tattoo examples of an extremely high artistic quality!

We have collected some cool tattoos that turn the human body into a masterpiece!

10 Best 3D Cool Tattoos

This page has what we think are the best 10 cool tattoos, next pages have the rest 20.

1- Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

cool tattoos 1

2- The eyes show the strength of the soul

cool tattoos 2

3- Supernatural

cool tattoos 3

4- Graceful geometry

cool tattoos 4

5- He found the girl of his dreams.

cool tattoos 4

6- Crouching Tiger

cool tattoos 6

7- Values

cool tattoos 7

8- Did he meet Bigfoot?

cool tattoos 8

9- Blue sky on the inside

cool tattoos 9

10- Where does the time go?

cool tattoos 10