“Less is more”, you probably heard that a lot, and it tends to sound true. It’s easy to go out there with a makeover. Dramatic eyes and big lips are the usual go-tos for an occasion.

While they may look great, But they often overshadow your natural beauty.
With this in mind, ditch makeovers and switch to “makeunders.”

Instead of taking on the makeup that the beauty companies persuade you that it’s a must, welcome and embrace your self for a more simplistic look that will better strengthen your features, bringing out the more youthful you.

Here are celebrities and regular Joes who prove that makeunders unquestionably work.

1- Toned Down

This amazing makeunder is toned down to perfection. Thick black eyeliner was replaced with a more gentle line. A rosy, natural pink replaced that loud magenta color to finish the more subtle look.

2. Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth ditched the usual get-up for a more simplistic look that definitely works! With dewy skin and natural lips, Garth has never looked better.