Alcohol is one of those love-hate things. At the time of socializing and having fun, you might love it. But, the next morning when you feel like death and can’t stop thinking about the embarrassing stuff you did, you definitely hate it. For some, drinking is a now and then thing. Unfortunately for others, it can rule their lives.

When heavy drinkers decide they’re going to put down the bottle for good, it can be a serious battle. But once they do, the benefits are undeniable. Dr. Niall Campbell, an alcohol addiction expert told The Daily Mail just how giving up booze can affect the body. Within 24 hours, your body already starts to detox. Within a week, your sleep patterns improve. Within two weeks, you could start losing weight. By four weeks, your blood pressure will decrease. In a month you could start to look younger. In two months, your liver function improves. And, within three months your energy levels will increase.

After six months, a year, two years and beyond, these benefits continue to increase more and more. Not only are these changes good for you internally, the improvements externally are astounding. Check out these 12 before and after photos of people who gave up alcohol.


This man said he finally reached his fitness goals after putting down the bottle. Trying for over a decade to improve his physical appearance, he said nothing worked while he was a drinker. From his before photo to his after photo, you see what three months booze-free can do to the body.


It’s easy to tell just from the look in his eyes that this man is more full of life. Seven months since his last drink, he’s thinner, more well-groomed and has a look of clarity to him. The redness and bloating in his face have disappeared too. No more foggy mornings for this guy.